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Updated May 5, 2006

About is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the suffering and deaths caused by flight-induced blood clots. Most of the injuries and deaths are easily preventable at little or no cost.

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds, Executive Director, survived a PE in Paris in October, 2000. Since then he has been working toward ending the needless suffering and deaths of air travel thrombosis.

Thomas Harvey, Jr., M.D., reviews drafts of materials from the viewpoint of a practicing physician who is very knowledgeable about thromboembolism.

Patrick Reynolds, Ph.D. physiologist, reviews drafts and answers questions from a physiology perspective.

Alex Zapesochny, General Counsel for Lenel Systems International, serves as director and legal advisor to

Kevin Reynolds is our web page and data base designer and technical consultant.


In addition to the 80+ medical journal articles cited on our Research page, we consult recognized experts on flight-induced thrombosis, including industry representatives who deny the problem, and quote them on these pages. For the most part, we try to give you facts and expert opinions and let you draw your own conclusions. The list of experts includes:

Dr. Robert Adams, American Stroke Association and Medical Center of Georgia

Dr. Bo Eklof, Straub Clinic, Hawaii (see Research page)

Dr. Bruce Evatt, Centers for Disease Control

Dr. Robert McBane, Mayo Clinic,

Dr. David McKenas, Medical Director, American Airlines

Dr. Stanley Mohler, Director Aerospace Medicine, Wright State Medical School

Dr. Omer Iqbal, Loyola University

Dr. Russell Rayman, Aerospace Medical Association

Dr. Charles Ruehle, FAA

John Scurr, Consulting Surgeon, Middlesex Hospital Vascular Laboratory

Dr. Sidney Smith, American Heart Association and University of North Carolina

John Walker, Chairman, Aeromedical Committee, Allied Pilots Association

An abbreviated version of our report on numbers of victims on the Incidence page was published in The Lancet, September 8, 200l by M Reynolds.

Michael Reynolds was also invited to present a paper at an International Angiology Union conference in Paris in January 2003. (In French!)

The aeromedical staff of the Airline Pilots Association reviewed the story we wrote for Airline Pilot Magazine. See Pilots page.

We do not presume to give medical advice and we urge you to see your physician if you have questions about ECS, particularly if you are in one of the risk categories listed or some other risk category that we don't yet know about.